[AIRDROP] ORDI Holders, You’ll Never Walk Alone! Claim your $TRICK or $TREAT

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5 min readDec 11, 2023

Fantastic news for those with $ORDI tokens! An exciting surprise is headed your way.

The emergence of Ordinal Protocol & $ORDI, the first token based on BRC-20, marks a significant milestone for the Bitcoin Ecosystem. It has garnered attention from a large number of investors and community participants, making waves on social media and extending its reach far and wide.

As a proud holder of ORDI tokens, you’ve played a vital role in fueling the growth of the Bitcoin ecosystem. We want to express our gratitude as we welcome you to your new home!

Much like how ORDI has contributed to the Bitcoin ecosystem, NostrAssets is doing its part by paving the way for the Lightning Network and Taproot Assets.

This upcoming airdrop is our way of giving a big shout-out to ORDI and its early supporters, acknowledging your crucial role in our shared journey. Brace yourself for a little extra something as a token of our appreciation!

Note: NostrAssets is not on BRC-20 standard. It leverages Lightning Network, Taproot Assets & Nostr Protocol. Creating a lightning-fast, gasless trading infrastructure for users. Read more on doc.nostrassets.com


1. Airdrop for $ORDI Holders

$ORDI holders will receive this TRICK/TREAT airdrop.

A snapshot of ORDI holdings was taken on 5 Dec 2023, at 05:00 UTC+8. Addresses holding ORDI at the time of the snapshot will be eligible to receive the airdrop.

Users holding ORDI in their OKX Wallet will receive an additional 10% airdrop. (Data provided by OKX)

Check your Eligibility here: https://linky.quest/ordiairdrop

Total: 12275 eligible accounts

Snapshot data source: BRC-20 Token Holders | Hiro Docs

*If the balance is less than 0.1 ORDI, the account will not be eligible.

Note: Each BRC20 project might employ a different indexer for tallying, resulting in non-standardized calculations across all BRC-20. For this snapshot, NostrAssets utilizes third-party data from hiro.so as the benchmark to determine the final list of eligible $ORDI holders.

2. Claim Period

The claim period is from 11 Dec 11 AM to 31 Dec 2023 8 AM UTC+8.

3. Airdrop Quantity

Each eligible account is entitled to receive 100 TRICK or TREAT tokens.

Additionally, users holding ORDI in their OKX Wallet will receive an extra 10% airdrop, totaling 110 TRICK or TREAT tokens. (as per Data provided by OKX)

Each qualified address is eligible for a one-time claim.

10,091 accounts will receive 100 TRICK / TREAT
2,184 OKX accounts will receive 110 TRICK / TREAT

Total TRICK / TREAT airdrop: 1,009,100 + 240,240 = 1,249,340

4. Claiming the Airdrop

Eligible users need to visit the NostrAssets airdrop page.

Currently, the claim process is only supported on the desktop browser. You can access the airdrop page at the following URL: https://mainnet.nostrassets.com/#/claim

To claim the airdrop, follow these steps:

A) Connect your Nostr account and BRC20 account.

Check if your current BRC20 address is eligible for the airdrop.

  • Use Alby, OKX, or Onekey plugins to connect your Nostr account to NostrAssets.
  • Use Unisat or OKX Wallet to link your BTC account.

Please ensure that the linked BRC20 wallet address is eligible for the airdrop. If you link an address that is not eligible, you will receive a notification indicating that you do not qualify for the airdrop.

Connect Nostr

Connect BRC20 Wallet

B) You have the option to choose between TRICK or TREAT.
You may only choose one.

Each eligible BRC20 address can only be claimed once. If the claim is successful, you will see a confirmation indicating that the claim has been successful.

C) View your Airdrop claim on your Assets Dashboard

About ‘TRICK’ or ‘TREAT’ Taproot Assets
TRICK or TREAT assets are created by NostrAssets, aiming at enabling more people around the globe to have access to Taproot Assets. As a leading pioneer in Taproot Assets, NostrAssets allows users to send, receive, transfer, and trade Taproot Assets on our platform. The team at NostrAssets is continuously working on enhancing the user experience with exciting features, including the ability to create, mint, and many other fantastic functions. Users can anticipate a comprehensive, one-stop access point for all things related to Taproot Assets in the near future.

About NostrAssets

Nostr Assets Protocol is an open-source decentralized trading infrastructure built on Nostr Protocol and secured by Lightning Network. Fundamentally, it allows users to send, receive, and trade digital assets within the Nostr Protocol.

More importantly, by leveraging the capabilities of Lightning Network and Nostr Protocol, Nostr Assets empowers developers to build more business-centric utilities that are not limited by the inherent issues of blockchain to achieve complete decentralization and data transparency, while mirroring the performance of traditional apps.


NostrAssets reserves the right to make the final interpretation of this airdrop activity and to make adjustments based on actual circumstances. Participants in the airdrop activity are responsible for their risks. The use of these tokens is strictly intended for testing, trial, or recreational purposes only. It holds no intrinsic value and should not be considered a financial instrument or investment. Users are advised to approach it with the understanding that it is solely for experimental or entertainment purposes.

It is important to note that, like any emerging technology, there may be unforeseen risks associated with the use of this token. The protocol behind these tokens and their creators disclaim any responsibility for any losses, damages, or unforeseen consequences that may arise from their use. Users engage with this token at their own risk and should exercise caution when exploring its capabilities.

By proceeding and using these tokens, you acknowledge that you do so voluntarily and are aware of the potential risks involved. You agree not to hold the protocol, its developers, or any affiliated parties liable for any adverse outcomes that may result from your interaction with this token. Please use these tokens responsibly and be aware of the limitations and potential risks associated with their use.



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