Limited Time Offer: February Locked Assets Event for Early Supporters!

Nostr Assets Protocol
3 min readFeb 8, 2024

Exciting News! Originally designed to aid projects in implementing lock-up periods in their tokenomics, the Lock Assets Tool has garnered unexpected support from community members who have voluntarily locked their assets in solidarity with NostrAssets.

In appreciation of our early supporters, we’re thrilled to introduce a LIMITED TIME February event — a fixed APY as a reward exclusively for Locked Assets created during February 2024.


Promo ends on 29 Feb 2024 23:59 UTC+8

  • Locked Assets created after 29 Feb 2024 won’t qualify for the Fixed APY.
  • Rewards will be distributed directly to the user’s Nostr Address at the end of each month. (Once we complete an upgrade, users will be able to claim their rewards directly)
  • Currently, only $TRICK, $TREAT & $NOSTR are eligible for this promo. Keep an eye out for potential promos featuring other assets in the future.


Each lock will calculate earnings based on the corresponding APR or Yearly Reward Rate for the lock duration.

Eligible Asset #1: $TRICK, $TREAT

Up to 12% APR

*The above rewards are calculated based on locking 10,000 TREAT/TRICK

Reward = lock amount* APR* Lock Duration/365.

eg. Lock 50,000 TREAT/TRICK 60 days
Rewards = 50,000*8%*60/365 = 658 TREAT/TRICK.

Eligible Asset #2: $NOSTR

Earn up to 5,000 $TREAT/$TRICK reward per year

*The above rewards are calculated based on locking 10,000 NOSTR

Reward = lock amount/10000* Reward Rate* Lock Duration/365.

eg. Lock 50000 NOSTR 60 days
Rewards = 50000/10000*2200*60/365 = 1808 TREAT/TRICK.

Please note: Locked Assets can only be unlocked at the end of the specified unlock date. Locked Assets cannot be used for transfers, transactions, Fair Mint, or other event participation during the lock period. Please plan your lock duration accordingly.

NostrAssets reserves the right to adjust the reward ratio based on market conditions.

About NostrAssets Lock Assets

Anyone can initiate the locking of their assets for any duration. The locking of assets is verifiable publicly and anyone can check the details of the locking. This is ideal for Projects to be in line with their tokenomics, building trust and credibility with their community.

You can access the Lock Asset Tool via:

For more info and guide, visit our Gitbook:

About Nostr Assets Protocol

Nostr Assets Protocol is an open-source decentralized trading infrastructure built on Nostr Protocol and secured by Lightning Network. Fundamentally, it allows users to send, receive, and trade digital assets within the Nostr Protocol.

More importantly, by leveraging the capabilities of Lightning Network and Nostr Protocol, Nostr Assets empowers developers to build more business-centric utilities that are not limited by the inherent issues of blockchain to achieve complete decentralization and data transparency, while mirroring the performance of traditional apps.



Nostr Assets Protocol

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