Navigating Q1 2024: NostrAssets Protocol Updates

Nostr Assets Protocol
3 min readJan 5, 2024

As we step into the year 2024, our team has seized the opportunity to engage in comprehensive discussions and strategic planning for the first quarter. We are thrilled to announce and unveil our primary plans and focus areas for our community. Here’s a glimpse into what lies ahead:

Update on NostrAssets Protocol: Building For Meaningful Impact

With the recently returned hype of BRC-20, Bitcoin is once again facing network congestion on the main net. Our primary motivation for undertaking this journey is to construct a decentralized solution that alleviates congestion on the Bitcoin mainnet through the use of Taproot Assets.

We are currently in the conception phase, working towards a solution that not only benefits Bitcoin by addressing congestion but also plays a pivotal role in the long-term success of NostrAssets.

During the NostrAssets launch, we identified another challenge within the Lightning Network — the issue of insufficient liquidity in nodes, particularly with a significant surge in user participation. This challenge necessitates ongoing management and rebalancing of inflow and outflow capacities to guarantee a smooth experience for users depositing into NostrAssets and withdrawing to their wallets.

To address this concern, we are in active discussions with a strategic partner to implement solutions that not only facilitate more substantial deposits and withdrawals but also enable non-custodial handling, which may be preferred by some users. We believe this will ultimately enhance the overall user experience within the Lightning Network and NostrAsset.

Update on Lightning Starter Fair Mint: Get Ready For More

We are embarking on a journey to onboard and collaborate more closely with projects that will enhance the Lightning Network ecosystem. Our team has actively engaged in discussions with various potential projects, and we eagerly anticipate sharing more details about the next project joining the Lightning Starter’s Fair Mint.

In our commitment to continuous improvement, we have been reviewing the Fair Mint rules and processes, taking into account valuable suggestions and feedback from our community. As a result, you can expect some tweaks and changes in the rules in the upcoming Fair Mint, aimed at enhancing the overall experience and ensuring a more seamless and improved platform.

The updated version of the rules will be announced on our Gitbook as soon as it is ready. Stay tuned for further details.

Update on $TREAT & $TRICK: Utilities are coming

We are developing tools that utilize $TREAT and/or $TRICK. Users can anticipate a growing range of use cases for both $TREAT and $TRICK as we advance through the year.

In the dynamic evolving of the Lightning ecosystem, challenges and opportunities await exploration. NostrAssets is resolute in its determination to persistently build and innovate. With the invaluable backing of our community, we embark on this journey, not only to overcome challenges but to seize the opportunities that arise, working hand in hand to shape a trustless and promising future together.

About NostrAssets Protocol

NostrAssets Protocol is an open-source decentralized financial infrastructure built on Nostr Protocol and secured by Lightning Network. Fundamentally, it allows users to send, receive, and trade digital assets within the Nostr Protocol. But more importantly, by leveraging the capabilities of Lightning Network and Nostr Protocol, NostrAssets empowers developers to build more business-centric utilities that are not limited by the inherent issues of blockchain to achieve complete decentralization and data transparency, while mirroring the performance of traditional apps.

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